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Ying and Yang- Line sketch. 
drawn on wacom intuos tablet. 

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image summer 2013 (not really)

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I <3 Morphsuits.
I want one sooooooooo badly…..
I want a black morphsuit so I can sneak around in shadows

omg this is great


Tidus -  Final Fantasy X

Cosplay - KANON

Detetive Patthy -  Kanpekina Kosupure

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IHNCWIDE stands for I have no clue what I’m doing ever.

I found this thing in my closet, I kinda forgot that I still had it. 

So being very spontaneous, I had a sudden urge to put the freaking thing on and just be wild as hell. I love to see everybody’s reaction to it. It truly trips them out. And in all honesty, it’s all in really great fun. I put on a crazy awesome outfit and went to WalMart in it. xD People were tripping and trying to mimic me. (I was pretending to be a mime first) and a guy at the WalMart started to mimic me. So I kept on keeping it easy, then got a little bit hard with the tricks I was doing, and the guy was keeping up! He had a little experience in dance obviously. So yeah, he gave up after I did the crazy backbend thing at 1:36. Which is also spontaneous. 

God I have so much energy.

Its ridiculous.


This is me dancing. In a Morphsuit. Really Badly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the dance that PSY does is easy. Anybody can sway their hips like they some OG gangsta or some shit. But uhm, for the rest of it. Ehhh. Well, you know, I just have to study up more on K-POP moves. (Really I do.) I have always loved how the Wondergirls dance. (I’m kinda getting back into it, which is crazy.) 

AH CRAP I’m rambling on again!

Enjoy it.

It’s meant to be funny. :D

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Bungie just unveiled their follow-up to ‘Halo’.